With the AR/VR Collaboration product, the EDAG Group makes “engineering everywhere” possible. Through the linking of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with planning and engineering tools, engineers can take part in virtual production processes from planning to maintenance from any location in the world. The advantages with regard to efficiency and sustainability are particularly big for global companies.

AR/VR Collaboration enables a plant or factory to be examined virtually “on site” by partners distributed all over the world. A partner can watch the scene via AR at the actual site, while other partners attend the event virtually via VR. Audiovisual interaction between individual partners is possible at any time via their respective avatars. A special feature is the possibility of controlling virtual robots via AR through their teach pendant which is linked to the scene via data interfaces.

As the participants can be linked from any location and at any time to the virtual work environment, with AR/VR Collaboration heavy expenditure on travel in terms of time and cost is a thing of the past. By cutting down on travel, the CO2 footprint and work-life balance are improved at the same time. In addition, it makes the job of planning and development engineers for digital natives and technology freaks more exciting.

Further advantages of the collaborative work are clear: through the straightforward ad hoc inclusion of certain members of staff or the whole team in discussions, individual strengths can be brought together more effectively. Everyone can bring something to the table.


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