CAE (Crash/NVH/Stiffness/ Veh. Dynamics/etc.)

CAE (Crash/NVH/Stiffness/Veh. Dynamics/etc.)


By validating products and product properties at an early stage, development periods are shortened, development costs reduced, and last but not least products improved. The key factors here are virtual simulation and testing within the framework of computer-aided engineering (CAE), because whatever can be simulated while the concept is still in its initial stages will not need to be constructed at a later date - a process which is both complex and expensive.

Our CAE experts support production development with the functional design of components, systems and complete vehicles. By applying virtual simulation and calculation, we are able to optimise the stresses of components, in this way reducing weight, to test various material concepts (e.g. steel, plastic, aluminium, GRP, CFRP) in intelligent networks with our test laboratories, and to carry out different load situations, including vehicle crashes. And if the existing software tools are unable to cover the desired application, we have a solution for that, too – our software team programmes tools for customers' specific applications, to optimise in-house process times and generate new solutions.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

  • Rigidity, strength and misuse loads
  • Vibration and acoustics
  • Operational strength and fatigue resistance
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle safety
  • Structure design (crashworthiness)
  • Passenger safety (design of restraint systems)
  • Pedestrian protection